Socatra launched its activities by focusing on the coastal tanker market with two vessels under 10,000 dwt. This approach allowed the group to develop its client base and prove its efficiency to the oil majors. The oil producers soon acknowledged Socatra’ ability to deliver cargo in a timely manner with minimal incident rates.

In less than 10 years Socatra expanded its fleet to include its first Medium Range tanker (37,000 dwt). Today the fleet is composed of 6 coastal tankers between 7,500 and 8,500 dwt and 6 MR1 and MR2 tankers between 37,000 and 50,000 dwt.

For more than thirty years Socatra commercial strategy and commitment to safety has consistently earned the  allegiance of the oil majors.

Socatra fulfils four distinct roles in the shipping industry: shipowner, shipper, technical manager and commercial operator.

Socatra’ all-inclusive expertise is also validated by two of the group’s parallel shipping activities; the management and operating of a VLCC and through our ownership and running of two ro-ro barges along the Garonne River in Southwestern France for the transportation of delicate Airbus 380 components.