Since 1992, through its subsidiary SPD (Société Pétrolière de Dépôts), Socatra has been engaged in the on-shore activity of product storage with its first acquisition in La Rochelle (La Pallice). Since then the group has either bought entire stakes or a participation of four more product storage facilities strategically located along the French Atlantic Coast.

SPD ensures the handling, preserving and restitution of entrusted products; the qualitative and quantitative verification of the products at entry and exit; their maintenance; the administrative management of stocks; analyses and additive operations, as well as installation maintenance.

The facilities are regularly transformed and adapted in order to comply with any and all changes in regulations as well as with customer demands and expectations.

We currently have over 325,000 m3 of capacity. Construction for new facilities is non-existent. Environmental issues would primarily deter any government authorization for new sites to be created. Total market capacity is therefore strictly regulated and limited and as such this business addition remains a steady revenue contributor to the group.

The operating of these facilities has further enhanced Socatra’s reputation as reliable players amongst the oil majors. Not only as dependable shippers of the product, but also as experts sensitive to the specific needs for the handling and stocking of the same product.