The Socatra group

Our philosophy: future as a unique focus

Founded in 1977 by A. Bozzoni and F. Bozzoni as a shipowner specialized in oil transport, Socatra now operates in several markets.
Socatra has always been committed to providing customers with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, positioning itself as a pioneer and adopting a visionary attitude, so it has continued to develop its business and achieve diversification over the years.

Today, the team is working on the development of oil transportation, storage and tourism industries, as well on tailor made solutions.

Our vision:
An ocean of possibilities

Definitely looking forward to the future, the company is committed to developing its professional knowledge and innovation capabilities, by prioritizing human resources, and to consider unlimited possibilities… Proud of its independent and highly skilled teams, the groups size has become a real asset of Socatra.

Our best asset: our humanity

Socatra’s structure and size allow us to maintain effective internal communication, and to establish a close link between and with each of our employees, regardless of their rank or status. It is this proximity that allows us, and has always enabled us, to be responsive and inspirational to our customers.

Socatra’s humanitarian commitments also reflect this value, with Marins sans frontière or through rescue boat financing (Africa, Asia) which is the pride of all our employees.

The Socatra spirit: safety, innovation and environment

Safety is one of the foundations of our business: the maintenance of ships and continuous training of employees contribute to this. The willingness to limit the environmental impact of our activities is another firm commitment of the company. Socatra strives to maintain innovation and leadership in these areas by constantly monitoring market and environmental issues, and adopting the industry’s latest standards and regulations: ISO 9001 2000, ISO 14001, “Charte Bleue” of Armateurs de France. Socatra has more recently been recognized and certified as laureate of “Green Label Europe” label.

Beyond “classic” maritime or inland water transport activities; the flexibility and agility of our organization allows us to create new and tailored solutions to respond to the specific needs of our customers, just like Airbus (specific barges studied and developed for the transport of AIRBUS A380).

Our values

As a cluster of values, we believe that respect for everyone, the professional knowledge and qualifications of employees is essential. Each employee of the group represents these values, which are the basis for the service quality and agility that Socatra has always demonstrated.

Our activities

An ocean of possibilites

Flexible and agile, Socatra is involved in oil transport,
as well as oil storage / depot.

Socatra, the oil transport...

A player in the oil transport market for over forty years, Socatra relies on its experience in the field as much as on its capacity for innovation to meet the demands of its customers. The fleet has been designed to enable us to ensure regular lines but also tramping courses. We are able to respond to requests for long-distance voyages and cabotage. It is this agility in managing the various oil transport routes that has allowed us to gain the trust of our customers and the largest oil companies with which we still work frequently.

… but not only

The company’s flexibility and innovation capabilities have helped us open up other markets: Socatra has therefore developed and managesoil storage facilities ashore, which is currently carried out in 2 sites on the west coast of France. In addition, Socatra also operates in the tourism industry, especially the Seine river, through the “Vedettes de Paris” company.

Entrust us with your projects...

With their adaptability and our experience in tailor-made projects, our team can meet your needs in the ocean or river sector. Transportation, storage… Please contact us to discuss your project and let us provide you with a solution that suits you.

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