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Since our employees are our best asset as well as the guarantee of a high quality service; we strive to train, manage and promote each of them. On land or at sea, all of our employees, whether seniors or apprentices, benefit from a specific career plan. Expertise, agility, humanity: those values are meaningful for you?
Socatra frequently recruits sailors and / or sedentary profiles in various positions.
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Do you want to join a human company, expert in its field, and participate in the development of innovative solutions in the ocean and river fields? Socatra frequently recruits operational and administrative profiles for its support functions.


At sea

Being a seaman at Socatra

Passion, innovation, determination and unity. This is how our crew members describe themselves. In addition to the qualities required to be a seaman (rigorousness, responsibility, respect for people and the environment), similar values to Socatra are a prerequisite for any recruiter.
Therefore, our employees have common high expertise, adaptability and essential humanity in their professional fields to navigate various routes, which are sometimes unknown but always fascinating.

The taste for challenge is another common point of our seamen. They discovered the spirit of adventure in Socatra:

At Socatra, I discovered the possibility of working in a fascinating oil field, but also had a wealth of experience: the excitement of long-distance courses, the discovery of new routes and ports, the interest of various maneuvers…

Alexis Parrot, lieutenant

Seamen, what career evolutions?

Joining our team also means participating in continuous training courses and embarking on a real career plan! Socatra’s supervision makes it possible for sailors who want to progress to rise to a higher position based on their own experience. At Socatra, sailors can also pursue their careers on land: many of the senior managers of the group are former Socatra seamen!

Junior officer

The officer cadet is a student who does not yet have a shift supervisor diploma. He usually occupies a position of technician or team leader.


This is the third and final rank of the junior officer corps. He may be a supervisor on a large ship or Master on smaller Vessel.

Chief officer

He is the captain’s assistant. He is an experienced sailor with decision-making and organizational power.


He is the leader of the sea expedition. At the highest level of officer rank, he is responsible for the command of the entire crew.


The diversity of our missions at sea

An ocean of possibilities…

Varied horizons

Monotony is not at sea, even less on our ship! Socatra provides transportation solutions that suit each of its customers’ needs. Therefore, the maritime mission will change regularly: cabotage or long-haul, fixed crossing plans or tramping… Enough to discover new horizons again and again!

On shore

Sedentary, the anchor

It is essential to business operations, and onshore employees support and value maritime work.

The bridge with our seamen

They are the technical, operational and support links of the chain. With expertise in their respective fields, employees in our offices in Bordeaux, Luxembourg, Singapore and Madagascar do their best to promote Socatra’s know-how and experience both internally and externally.

Key figures

Human ressources at Socatra

We are proud of our employees and keep our promises in terms of equality and working conditions:


training courses followed in 2019, i.e. 300 days of training


cadets trained in 2019


female senior officers

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